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Professional Coaching Sessions with Shweta Mogha

 eWOW is excited to offer executive coaching solutions to increase your personal effectiveness, leadership skills, and building successful careers.  Our coaching focusses on unblocking mindsets that keep people from being their powerful and authentic selves.

Leading Self
We believe that everyone is a leader and leaders take ownership of their life and carve a niche for themselves. We coach professionals on building an empowering mindset, identifying their superpowers, and building a personal brand to achieve long-term sustainable results.

Transforming Career

We believe that building your career is a continuous journey. We provide coaching to mid/senior-career professionals on crafting their career journey through Career Clarity, Career Development, and Career Transition. Our customized sessions include coaching on resume writing, networking, finding sponsors, behavioral interviewing skills, and building high performing teams.

Event Date: Individual coaching sessions start Dec 10, 2021

Location: Online Virtual 

Audience: Entry to mid- level Technical and Business professionals

Coach: Shweta Mogha, Co-Founder- eWOW

Shweta is a trained Co-active coach (CTI) who specializes in coaching professionals to attain clarity in their career and life. She empowers professionals in transition to find clarity, explore possibilities, move forward, and achieve success. She encourages her coachees to take charge, create action plans, and execute on them to achieve their goals
Shweta’s mission is to democratize coaching and help facilitate mindset shift change via positive intelligence and help actualize the dreams of people she coaches.